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Strength Training With Free Weights & Machines

Most of Body Architects' clients are here to do more than just maintain their weight or lose fat — a lot of them are looking to get stronger. Our trainers can help you design the right strength training program to meet your needs using free weights, machines, or a combination of the two. Contact us today and set up your appointment to get started.

Free Weights

Free weights are among the preferred methods of most strength trainers and bodybuilders. We have a wide range of dumbbells, barbells, benches, and kettlebells to meet your training needs. We also have safety equipment, like squat racks, to ensure you are safe even if you should fail on a lift.

Space for Everyone

Despite being a fitness studio, we've made it easy for people to do their workouts all at once. We've got room to do walking lunges, even while people are working on machines or handling free weights. You never feel limited, and you have room to stretch, move around, and comfortably exercise in safety.

Woman Holding Kettle Bell

Machine Work

While free weights are preferred for most workouts and let you enjoy a longer range of motion in many exercises, machines still have their place in strength training. Machines allow you to isolate specific muscles or muscle groups and really focus on smaller areas you want to improve, while free weights are better for balance and core work while doing full-body or multiple-muscle group movements. Often, the best results come from a combination of mixing free weights and machines.

Inversion Rack

The inversion rack is a unique piece of equipment we have on-hand at Body Architects. It's made to help stretch out the back and works by holding your feet in place while you slowly ease your way down the rack until your head is pointed at the floor. This stretch helps to relieve pressure on the back. Those looking to use the inversion rack should always be supervised and should have no blood circulation issues. It's most commonly used by conditioned athletes, though it is available to anyone looking to safely use it.